The Beginning : Exotic Sawarna Beach

This is my very first time going to marvelous places since l got this job. My job rotation schedule is the best one ever. 2 Weeks on duty following 2 weeks field break. I can do almost anything during this field break.The first of all, l joined backpackers forum on internet, namely backpacker Indonesia. There, I met with my first destination offered by Abie, member from Bandung. The destination was SAWARNA.

Tanjung Layar, Sawarna

There are no tour leader, we purely sharing cost. Because I live in Bogor, I had responsibility to gather the members from Jakarta at KFC Tugu Kujang. We don't know each other, even it was actually our first time to be met in real world. After all members gathered, we were heading to Pelabuhan Ratu by crazy bus. It was 10 pm when we depart from Baranangsiang Terminal. We arrived at 2 pm and the first resting point at that day was not a motel or homestay, but a school. Yes, English course school. The teacher, Dita, let us spend a night for free. There actually was rendezvous point with our member from Bandung. And we meet Abie there.

The next morning, we walked to Pelabuhan Ratu Terminal where our transportation, Isuzu ELF, is waiting. The ideal capacity is 20 persons, but we were more than that. Along with our bags, some of us, including me, sit on top of the car. It was the best decision I've ever made. The air was fresh and beach fragrance were filling my lungs. The view, Astonishing! a very jaw dropping Panorama wherever I looked around. The road is quite hard for common city car, but for an ELF like this, it was just a plain road. 

Sit on top of Isuzu ELF was the best decision
But watch for incoming trees
Three hours or so, finally we arrived at the entrance of Sawarna Village. A bridge made of Bamboo bound with natural fiber rope is the only entrance and exit. walked through a welcoming village, we arrived at our home stay. A big and beauty house where we rent four of eight rooms available. At noon, after a brief lunch, we start our adventure to Goa Lalay "Bat Cave". Walking through paddy field and riverbank, we arrived at the cave's entrance. It's actually oneway cave, where the end of it is a dead end, where the underground river is at other sidewall of the cave. It was river where all of the water as high as my knees along the tunnel come from.

After Goa Lalay, a little bit trekking via forest and palm plantation, we arrived at Lagoon Pari beach. It was not a great beach, but fisherman activity and old lady cooking coconut to make sugar, are good objects for photography hunting location.Trekking a little bit further, we arrived at a beach formed from corals, creating a massive wall protesting us from the fierce of southern giant wave. In the middle, lies two abbraded stone like a sail, so that people name this place Tanjung Layar (Sail Bay). Here is the best spot to enjoy the memorable sunset.

How palm sugar is made
Not far from Tanjung Layar, there is Ciantir Beach, the ideal place for learning surfing, or sharpen the surfing skill. The beach is shallow, the depth not more than my waist, but the wave, run above my head (I'm 179cm tall). We won't get drowned as long as we are not panic. At afternoon, the waves are getting bigger, attracting international pro-surfer for warm up before surfing competition, or simply enjoying the waves.

Ever see equal places in the world to see the sunset?
There were many more destination to be explored, and various adventuring activity can be established here, namely rook climbing, and slick line walking. But l prefer natural photography and exploring.